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It's my opinion dammit!!


Well guess what I'm back and ready to bitch. FFXI... is square just trying to get on the ever(smack)quest bandwagon. I know what your thinking everquest was good (to good in fact) And I DO think Squaresoft could do it even better, But I dont think a FF should be wasted on it. For me FF was always about the story and a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) just cant deliver the story. It makes me cry that I'm going to lose out on great squaresoft story just to play with a friend. it hurts deep. well Ive said my peace.
[wow! a whole rant without saying fuck! wait... Damn!]


From last time...
My rant this time is what the hell is up with the voice acting in ffX. i'm hoping to god they dont fuck it up. There is a possibility of good voice acting (metal gear solid) but games have been known not to have it (resident evil 1) the thing is i dont want the game to be spoiled by the bad acting. i you got an opinion email me adress is on the home page.

Till next time I have something to bitch about Later!!

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like i said its my opinion damnit!