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if you came to this page then guess what... your a cookie!!

the ultimate dbz and gt quiz!!!

1-Who is the strongest fighter in Gt?
2-Who is Bulma's fatrher?
3-What is the name of Yamcha's shapshifting kat?
4-How manytimes does Goku use the spirit bomb in z?
5-How many stages did Frieza go through?
6-Who is Goku's apprentice?
7-Who fuses to create Gogita(the best character)?
8-Who fuses to create Veggeto(crzy ass ho)?
9-What is Majin Buu's final and strongest form?
10-Who has the best Dbz n Gt quiz on the net?
11-Where does Gohan go ssj2?
12-What is the name of the device used to turn Vegeta in2 ssj4?
13-Who was Goten training with when he went Super Saiyan?
14-What is Bulma's address?
15-What is the name of Yamcha's baseball team?
16-Who learns the dragonfist technique?
17-Who REALLY kills Frieza?
18-Why does Goku marry chi-chi?
19-What is planet vegeta in Jappaneese?
20-What is the name of earths dragon?
21-What is enscribed on the side of Trunks time capsule?
22-Who did Goku face in HIS first afterlife in the finals?
23-After they beat cell and go to the Buu saga how many years pass?
24-How many stages does the Kamehameha go through?
25-What is the Kamehameha's final stage?

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